A registered Political Action Committee (PAC) focused on supporting public office candidates and causes whose core values align with the aspirations of continued American liberty and freedom





 On September 11, 2001, the heroes of Flight 93 took action and sacrificed their lives to stop a terrorist attack.

  Many of us witnessed the carnage on that day and lost family and friends in the Twin Towers, the Pentagon and on Flight 93.  Each of us, our families, our military and citizens everywhere, owe them and all 911 victims our fidelity and support, and once again at this critical time in our country’s history, witnessing the senseless violence and anarchy spreading in major cities across the nation, “The American Experience” calls for our support.

 Right now is that essential moment demanding action, as we are again are under a serious threat. Street violence orchestrated in contrived and manipulated political unrest cannot be tolerated and must be addressed now, with immediate tactical measures and strategic focus on the causes of this unrest.

Business mentors are key, so when it comes to client satisfaction, we are dedicated to your organization’s success. We want to give each client the time and guidance it deserves.

“America Let’s Roll” is both a strategic and tactical focused PAC looking years forward, while creating immediate programs and tactics that address and solve public issues now.  Each specific solution oriented activity created by the PAC becomes a building block in a comprehensive plan promoting the endurance of America’s leadership throughout the world, while securing its representative democracy at home.

As you read this right now, we have “feet-on-the-ground” in neighborhoods delivering posters, mission cards and meeting with neighborhood constituents, whose information is also tied to cell phone and computer systems all working together to garner support and votes on a here-and-now basis.

“America Let’s Roll” is established to identify, to address and to solve immediate challenges to our democracy.  Active citizen support is important now – commitment and involvement cannot wait.

This is not just momentary for immediate action, but a PAC but one that will endure and contribute to America’s well being for years to come.

Participation and Contribution

We are seeking your participation and contribution to this PAC through both financial and intellectual commitment.


Involving a commitment to evaluate and financially support the PAC’s focus and contributions to specific candidates and support to 3rd party influencers and institutions. Contribution information is below.


Involving participating in the PAC’s identification and engagement of strategic issue thinkers, capable of generating clear, understandable and concise common sense positions and day-to-day-tactical solutions to Americas pressing issues.

Please Note: We welcome individual participation and involvement, whether directly with candidates and causes of your choice, or through contacting others. Please feel free as well to let us know those of your choice, both for physical support and contribution, since our job is to provide funding for worthy causes, and yours might well be one.